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Effective and deeply relaxing.
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boosts the immune system.
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Holistic non-invasive therapy.

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This holistic non-invasive therapy allows the body the opportunity to heal itself.
It improves blood and nerve supply, boosts the immune system, improves circulation and promotes natural
body functions. It is effective and deeply relaxing.

A modernized ancient healing art and science also known as “Zone Therapy”.


An integration of contemporary reflexology and traditional ayurvedic foot massage. 


A combination of polarity therapy and reflexology with conscious purposeful touch.


A Japanese technique using hands to transfer “universal energy” encouraging overall wellness.

chair massage

The Amma technique involves manipulation of specific meridian points on the body. 

What they say

What is Reflexology

Reflexology is an ancient and natural healing art that has been in existence for over 4000 years. It is based on the principle that there are energy zones throughout the body and reflexes in the feet, hands, ears (and other parts) that correspond to every part, gland, and organ of the body.




  • Reduces stress, tension, and anxiety
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Cleanses the body of toxins
  • Increases energy level
  • Improves sleep
  • Relieves digestive problems
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Improves lymphatic and immune function
  • Relieves sciatica, and back pain
  • Relieves chronic foot pain, and plantar fasciitis

Working a foot (hand or ear) triggers a reflex action in a corresponding part of the body. This action is simply to release tension which reduces vascular constriction and allows the blood and nerve supply to flow more freely. The body can then repair itself unrestricted by the effects of stress. Oxygen and nutrients can then make their way to the area where needed.

  • People of all ages who experience stress related or chronic issues
  • Those undergoing chemotherapy or radiation (Pre and post)
  • Pre or post surgery (including dental surgery)
  • As a complementary modality to Physiotherapy, or Osteopathic Therapy
  • For deep relaxation and to maintain regular health and wellbeing

A Reflexology session is about one hour. If you choose to combine another service like chair massage or Reiki, the session will be longer.


Note: The length of a session may be modified for children, the elderly, or the very ill

During your first visit, you will be asked to fill out a health questionnaire to help me better understand your needs and how I can help you. Then I will invite you to lay down on a massage table or sit in a zero-gravity chair. If receiving a foot reflexology session, you will only need to remove your shoes and socks and relax. If you are receiving a hand reflexology session, you need only get comfortable and relax. The session will begin with an inspection of the feet or hands, some relaxing warm-up techniques and continuing with a firm but gentle pressure working all points in a systematic fashion. Generally, people will fall asleep during their session and feel very relaxed and grounded once it is over.

Meet Giovanna

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour, and some style.
~ Maya Angelou

Photo of Giovanna Vitareflex
  • Certified by the Reflexology Association of Canada (RAC)
  • Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist (RCRT) 
  • Certified in:
    • Reiki
    • Holonomic Reflexology
    • Ayurvedic Reflexology
    • Chair Massage
  • RAC Examiner and a board member of the Quebec Chapter
  • Volunteer at the WICWC West Island Cancer Wellness Centre
  • Member of the International Council of Reflexologists (ICR)